Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally a little crafting

Last week was a little light on the crafting-- we've all been just enough sick (both with illness and of last week's nasty weather) to feel not-quite-into creating. But the sun is shining and there's nothing I can't do-- so this week should be filled with lots of ideas (and a tutorial or two!)These pants take me way, way back-- to Friday night, 1986, to be exact. These sheets were on every single slumber-party bed of my childhood-- did you have some, too? I never did, and I always mourned that fact. So when I found some out thrifting last week I just had to buy them. But the only twin bed in our house is Grady's, and I doubt he'd appreciate-- so they decided to become a pair of wide-leg loungers. Boy, oh, boy do these feel good. Full-fat-mocha with an extra shot and a big cookie good.

I was all excited to teach you how to make a pair of your very own-- but then it came to my attention that a certain Ms. Butler has sold many a copy based on something eerily similar. So I just had to take a quick solo jaunt to the bookstore to make sure I wasn't committing copyright infringement by telling you how I made them. One look at the book assured me that while they might look a bit alike, there is really nothing similar about how they come together (hers have a pattern and multiple fabrics and enough instructions to sink a battleship-- she calls for a buttonhole, for goodness sakes) I promise mine are ab-so-lute-ly nothing like that--an old bed sheet, a couple of cuts and some straight seams. Easy, peasy. So if all goes well, tomorrow you'll be wearing a pair of your very own.

Now all I need is some Madonna, a little Atari and a swig of Tang. Rock on.

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Joy said...

Those are great, Melissa! I don't know those sheets, but the Tang takes me back. I drank gallons of that stuff. Oh and Atari, River Raid all the way! :)