Monday, March 16, 2009

Makin' Lemonade

(Yet another) day begins this way: Add to that one Very Runny Nose (Boy), one Very Pink Eye (Mama), and one Very Cranky Baby (Baby) and you have the makin's of a not-so-fun day. But if there is one little lesson I'm learning (slowly, slowly, but I am learning it)-- it is that what we have is what we choose to have.

And I had this.

A circus tent, you ask? No, no, friends. Here we have one of the three maternity shirts that I wore for the last month of my pregnancy. (I feel that I need to here insert the caveat that although I'm kind of a little person when I'm not pregnant, I tend to stay pregnant more or less forever and give birth to toddlers--my "little" baby was 10 lbs. on the nose. So by the end, this is what ya' get.)

Anyway, this shirt. It has a lot of memories tied up in it-- not all of them so great. My pregnancy was long (past 42 weeks) and didn't end as I'd hoped it would (2 1/2 days of labor followed by a cesarian and an almost 11 lb. baby.) My closet was in need of a little mojo-tending, and, as luck would have it, my copy of The Creative Family had instructions for turning just such a shirt in to some seriously fab baby pants. And I do love me some baby pants. So snip, snip Giant-But-Adorably-Striped-Shirt. But then, despite the fact that I've made approximately 9 ba-gillion pairs of baby pants in my life, I somehow managed to sew the legs together incorrectly. On both pairs of pants (one for each boy.) Multiple times.

Crying did cross my mind. But I decided to show some restraint. I calmly folded my sad little pants away and broke out the paint. I made some little angry cross-hatchy thingies. Grady made mauve. And then we washed our plates and put them away. And we both felt better.

Here's to the wonderful possibility that is tomorrow. Happy crafting, chickies.

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Joy said...

I'm sorry the pants were giving you trouble. The first pair I did for Finn, I sewed the crotch to one of the legs somehow. After that someone told me to turn one leg inside out and tuck it inside the other leg. Much easier crotch sewing that way! I don't know if that's what was giving you trouble, but I thought I'd share. :) Painting is good therapy.