Monday, March 30, 2009

A Montessori Morning

I'm switching gears a bit here-- cleaning and clearing out to welcome in the Spring (it BETTER stay around this time. You hear me, weather? I'm warning you....)In my former life I was a Montessori Primary teacher, and we have always tried to keep our home at least friendly to the Montessori philosophy. I ordered most of the infant selection from Michael Olaf, we use 90% wooden toys, things are organzied neatly on shelves in baskets, and so forth. However, in the last few months I've been a bit remiss about getting "works" together for Grady. I find Toddlers to be an odd little bunch-- I had to take a few steps back from where I would have started with a slightly older child. (My first clue? I introduced spooning beans, the quintisential Montessori activity. I gave the lesson beautifully. Grady proceeded to first try to eat the dried beans, then throw them on the floor and yell "here, Charlie. Come eat it!" Charlie is the dog, in case you couldn't figure.)

Here is his little corner of my studio-- simple shelves with a few new activities. Left to right, top to bottom we have: rock painting, finger transfer (moving little eggs from a basket to a deviled egg tray), magnets (using a magnetic wand to find the magnets in a bowl of beads) and sorting (little flowers into color-coordinated cups.)

I just realized that everything is crooked on the trays-- it won't be for long! I love the absolute order of Practical Life activities-- everything is so spare and lovely and perfect. Off to straighten those trays!


Lisa said...

Such nice acivities and it looks so beautiful.

Joy said...

That's so great that you've made a space for him to work in your studio. I'm sure he feels important to be able to work along side you in there. It kind of reminds me of Soulemama's post yesterday about Adelaide wanting to "sew" then moving pins from one cushion to another. So sweet. :)

Melissa said...

It's only fair, I guess. My "studio" used to be his playroom (before that it was a small breakfast room off the kitchen. It has the best light in the house, so I stole it.) I dither on getting rid of the train table in there so we can have more space for his art, but he does love those bridges and tunnels.

brown robin said...

Good for you! They have a toddler class at our Montessori now which my little guy is in. His sister was in 3-5yr there. The toddlers love the practical life. I often wish I had more "works" just sitting out at home, but I would spend the day helping my little guy pick them up. One thing that he will do forever which allows me to get some things done is a spray bottle of water with a cloth... cleaning the windows. Maybe that one, if you don't mind water? Our house can take it. So fun to check in on you. Maybe some day we'll "meet" in person. I looked around you're blog and couldnt't believe all you get done, considering you have a newborn and a toddler. You're awesome!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Hey! Answered your comment on Greensboro Daily Photo. Glad you found our blog.

Aren't we all neighbors, anyway?