Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some more baby love

I have to say, I think baby sewing might just be my very favorite kind. Everything is so cute and tiny and colorful, and it's really impossible for a baby to not look cute in/on/surrounded by handmade. I hope my dear friends share my love, because they are all about to be showered by great quantities of Little Stitches for Little Ones.

So far all I've tried is this little kimono set.I like the pattern pretty well-- it sews up so easily-- but I did find it helpful to make some modifications. I found the rise on the pants to be a tad short, especially if you are dealing with a big cloth bummy, so I added a contrasting band to house the elastic. I also added interior ties as I sewed the seams just to make it a little bit easier to keep it closed. The little owl set is lined in flannel-- I just made two of everything and joined them together with bias. I did NOT make my own bias, as Amy recommends-- I am just not that into it. I'm not sure if that makes me a craft freak-show, or if I think that people who enjoy bias-making are the real wack-jobs. Either way, this is the tacky polyester pre-packaged kind, and it worked out just fine, thank-you very much.

And the owl fabric-- we get so many questions about it every time he wears it out (which is frequently. I get such a kick out of saying "oh, I made it" when people ask me where I got somthing my kids are wearing. It just makes my week. So the poor darlings have to wear the same three things over and over to feed their mama's voracious ego.) That, my friends, used to be a bedskirt. We found it at the Goodwill for 80 cents-- the contrasting fabric is a tablecloth I found on the same trip-- it was only 50 cents. So the whole outfit cost about the same as that aforementioned tacky polyester bias tape. And I have pillow shams-- two of them-- with red ball fringe (she sighs)--still to work with. Good times ahead.
This one may not look it in the picture, but it is so tiny (it's the 0-3 month size.) It's heading off soon all the way across the country to dress up a wee little guy-- all six-and-a-half pounds of him. John Harper can't model it for you since he hasn't been six-and-a-half pounds since around 30 weeks gestation, but you get the drift.

I better get this in the mail pronto-- they get big so very, very fast.


Joy said...

John Harper looks SO much like Grady in that picture. The owl outfit is TOO cute! I think the bias tape looks fine, and I'm with you, I wouldn't make it either!

Lisa said...

What a little cutie! Super reuse of a bedskirt...the owls are the cutest. LOL, the boys wearing the same outfits over and over to feed your ego.