Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hand-made hand-me-down

Here is my darling baby in his christening gown-- the gown that was made for his great-great Grandfather. In all those generations, I'm the only girl to wear it-- we are few and far between on my dad's side. We had a quiet weekend-- Grady moved about half a ton of those two tons of pea gravel in his miniature John Deere front-loader, I dug and played in the dirt and painted (and cut out that seersucker I said I would) and we had a lovely long lunch with Adam's parents after the baptism. I cannot WAIT to show you what fell out of the suitcase my mom brought back from my grandmother's in New Mexico. That woman has some serious thrift-store ju-ju, I tell you.


Joy said...

I love that picture! He looks SO sweet. I can't wait to see what fell out of the suitcase, you tease!

naqahdahnellie said...

John Harper has to be the happiest baby I've ever met! So cute!

nicola said...

i just found my way to you from soule mama. you have a lovely blog and cute baby! your garden and little nook are gorgeous in the post below.
which name?

brown robin said...

Oh... that is so amazing! Generations of beautiful babies in that sweet, sweet gown. I just caught up on your posts and have a long list of loves:

your absolutely stunning children
that phenomenal color of blue now on your walls
(sure you don't want to rethink rollers?)
your fantastic garden
as always, your writing

I'm forgetting something, I'm sure.

Christening Gown said...

Gorgeous photo, and great tradition to be passing down generations of the Christening gown

nicola said...

hi again! you won the random drawing on my blog for the recycled wool coasters. please email me with your contact information!