Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There will be pants!

I'm issuing myself a challenge, of sorts. By putting it out there that I WILL begin some of these pants I have been intending to make for the boys, I will be shamed/guilted/coaxed into actually beginning them. This not-so-little stack of fabrics is all the stuff I've been hoarding away planning to make pants with-- so there is a lot to work with is all I'm saying. I know where to begin-- the grey seersucker on the left. Hanna has some too-cute (and too-expensive) seersucker deck pants this season-- so if I spend about an hour, I should have a couple of pairs for the boys to wear to our Derby Party next Saturday. You will probably hear a lot more about said party in the upcoming days-- I look forward to it all year. My mint is coming up and I can already taste the juleps now...

I had to post this because to get this shot I had to open my dining room window, lean waaaaaay out (I even raised the screen, so I really was leaning out!) and just kinda aim and shoot. To appreciate it you need to know that a) I live in one of the original "zero lot-line" neigborhoods from the 20's (I prefer to think of it as a front-porch neighborhood, but the truth is I can lean out my dining room window and almost touch the neighbor's house and b) I realized right after I got this shot that they were, um, kinda showing the house to their would-be buyer while I was leaning out the window pointing a camera at their house. Whoops.

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Joy said...

I love the mental picture of you hanging out the window to get that shot. :) Are there babies in that nest? So sweet.

Yay for pants! There, does that motivate you? I can't wait to see the seersucker ones on the boys. I'm sure they'll be fine derby boys in those. :)