Thursday, May 7, 2009

::Just a Happy Day::

Like our good pal Ferdinand, we have learned that sometimes it is nice to "sit just quietly, and smell the flowers." A more visceral way to experience art.
"Mopping cap" courtesy of Heather. (Grady's name for it. And yes, he does wear it every time he is able to "swach" my mop. I'm going to truly mourn the advent of the "nnn" and "mmm" sounds in his vocabulary. I think there is nothing cuter than "swakes, swiles and swaching.") If you are into wool diapering, which surprisingly I am not-- the whole "airing out" thing kind of skeeves me-- you should really check out her beautiful sets. And we are huge fans of her monsters (or creatures, as I prefer to call them), too. What a great idea-- her daughter designs them, Heather creates them, and they split the profits. Awesome.


Joy said...

Grady's such a cutie! I agree about Heather's woolies. She made Finn a pair of longies out of wool I brought back from Ireland. They are absolutely gorgeous! Your flowers look amazing!

Lisa said...

I just love his little face in that first photo! He is soooo cute. Your garden is lovely

nicola said...

cute cute! and i linked through and the monsters are cute.
joy, i have a finn, too.

brown robin said...

You're garden is beautiful and that boy (and his hat) are pretty darn cute too!