Friday, June 19, 2009

You gotta start somewhere...

I have a feeling that green thumbs are genetic. Even if they are not as lucky with plants as their mama (and gradmama, and great-grandmama) they certainly have the desire to get their little hands into the earth.
And explore.
And taste, of course.
I've been thinking a lot lately about how different the view seems from the motherhood side of the fence. I spent my childhood out of doors. My legs were a constant mess of mosquito bites. We sat around in the evenings with a coffee can getting rid of the days accumulation of ticks. I ate dirt, I'm sure. And played in every creek and stream, climbed every tree and had a generally wonderful time doing it.
It's hard, though, to be the mama. You want to smack away every mosquito. Wash every little bit of dirt. Say "it's too hot to be out" a lot. But generations of children lived (and thrived) before the advent of hand sanitizer. I was always saddened by the children I taught who were afraid of germs and dirt and nature-- the world of childhood shouldn't be a place defined by cleanliness, I think. And so I remind myself that it's ok for the baby to get down in the dirt, and I am rewarded by the look of absolute pleasure and concentration on his little infant face.
And the big boy? Well, he would rather have his hands in the earth than anywhere else. Some days, I don't have to worry whether I'm doing this parenting thing right or not-- he lets me know, sometimes at least, that I'm doing just fine.
Have a wonderful weekend! Go outside. Get dirty. Enjoy.


Joy said...

I know what you mean about worrying on the parenting thing...I'm having one of those weeks, but I totally agree that when they are immersed in nature or an art project, I also think I'm doing ok. :) Those chubby limbs of John Harper's are just adorable.

naqahdahnellie said...

Your boys are just too cute. I can't believe John Harper is sitting up already! They just grow up too fast! I'm so glad they have a love of the outdoors. I think that is a great attribute to have, and one that isn't shared enough these days.

gardenmama said...

Sweet little babe!
I agree with your sentiments!
We will absolutely be playing in the dirt this weekend : )

Anonymous said...

Yes, you ate dirt. Do you remember one of your nicknames--Sandball?

Cophia_Lee_Photography said...

One of my fondness memories as a child was playing in the dirt in our back yard. I made castles, food, houses and secret hiding places.
It was always my friend and was always outside my door ready to play.

abbiegrace said...

well said!!

Reminds me of that book--Last Child in the Woods. Have you read it?