Monday, December 21, 2009


After a couple of days of looking at our buffet that I decorated last week, I couldn't help but think how uninspired, uninspiring and just plain dull it seemed.  And then I remembered these cute little bottle brush trees I found at the Tar-jay (2 for a buck!).  And I had a big "duh" moment and started all over again.

So out went the old and in went the new.  I was working with what I had-- because who wants to go shopping with two kids the week before Christmas?  A crate of clementines and a coupla dozen candy canes. 

That's a little better now, don't you think?

This season has been a hard one--wrapping up the last season of Hoot Baby and preparing for our spring collection, dealing with illness, another hospital stay for the baby (he's fine now!) and many, many too-long and rainy days.  There's starting to be a little light at the end of my tunnel, and I do so, so love designing, which is the phase I'm entering (ever so briefly-- it's the most fun, but also the most quickly-passing part of my job)
But for now, I'm going to do my best to enjoy everything the season has left to offer-- and maybe just a few more slices bites of dessert! 


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What a beautiful arrangement. I never would have thought clementines! But they work so well -- of course in my house, the clementines disappear almost right away. I'm not telling a tall tale here -- my 11 year old ate 11 of them in one sitting a couple of weeks ago. Talk about a vitamin C overdose!

Melissa said...

Good thing I took some "before" pictures-- we've all been helping ourselves all weekend long!

paula said...

It looks beautiful. Happy to hear your baby is okay. Have a Merry Christmas.

suzanne cabrera said...

Just discovered your blog via Sara Zales'. So glad to find to discover your blog and another creative in Greensboro. Your work is beautiful!!!! As is this buffet...way to go!