Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where I do whatever it is I do *a studio tour!*

Here's a wee peek into where the magic happens... or the mess.  Mostly just the mess.  I am not a clean-up-as-I-go creator, apparently.  Would somebody like to back and quilt my sign for me? I should just go ahead and apologize now for the wonky photography lately.  I'm learning to shoot in manual it BOY is it hard. So I'm mostly taking pictures of things that don't move around until I figure it all out.
Today we're looking into my teensy-tinsey studio. 

 Here it is.  I pinch myself pretty much every time I walk in here.  I feel so very, very lucky that my life even includes the need for such a space. Being mama to two boys under three provides ample opportunity to need a little decompression now and then.  Lucky for me I can come in here to do that, instead of self-medicating with this. (Not that I don't do that a lot, too.)
When we were looking for a house, we had seen this one in the on-line real estate listings several times, but hadn't ever really considered it.  That's because there were no (and why NOT, I ask you?) pictures of this room there.  We walked in, looked around for 5 minutes, and made an offer on the spot (and got into a bidding war on a house that had been on the market for a year without a single nibble.  Go figure.)So, anyway.  It used to be filled with books, since we have a lot of books.  Luckily, the house is filled with built-ins and my kind husband said it was OK to break up the library and move in the fabric.  Lotsa fabric.
These shelves used to be a lot neater-- remember?  This is where I keep the smaller cuts, vintage bits, and some of my favorite sewing books.  The bolts go over there with the clothing (and there's a sample sale in my near future, I think.  They're pretty full, and I've been working on Spring line sheets all day, so those lovelies need to find a home asap!)
Not a sneak peek-- I'm not quite ready to show you anything yet.  Just a little gift for a special someone's Christmas.
I was in love with this wall-color when it first went up-- it was so crisp and rich with all the white. But right now, I'm finding it more than a little claustrophobic. 

(That chair was $4 at the thrift store.  I made it over to look just like this little dress from our first collection. (which for some reason is going to stay this small.)
I really want to paint it this color-- "Summer Rain" from Dulux-- the dreamiest green-blue-grey that's everywhere at my favorite restaurant.

Grady most enjoys sewing with me.  Mostly this involves dumping out all the pins on the floor and then picking them up with a magnetic wand, thereby rendering them magnetized so that they stick to my scissors and machine and every other metal surface around.  He's super helpful that way.
Love, love, this chair.  It's supposed to be for sale, but I love it too much to let it go.  It was an $8 thrift store find a few years ago.  When I reupholstered it, I used a .99 cent pillow from Ikea for the cushion-- it's so lofty and poufy and really comfortable.   Amy Butler on the seat.  I keep hoping this will be there when I go in... it hasn't happened yet.
A last little moment before the baby woke up and I had to get back to the rest of my life.  I don't get too much time in there during the daylight hours, but I do so love it when I do. I'll share some more details of my little space soon!


Joy said...

I love the lighting in there. I'm sure Grady is quite the help, much as I'd expect Finn to be. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing glimpses into your world. You don't seem so far away, and it doesn't seem like it's been almost 8 years since I've laid eyes on you. :)

paula said...

love seeing the studio. so much fun. my kiddos like playing with the pins too.