Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up....

image via craftsanity
To those of you who read this blog and sew, I'm sure no introduction is needed.  This fresh-faced mother of SIX!!! is none other than the oh-so-talented Anna Maria Horner.  Otherwise known as My Hero.  And she actually knows this, because I sent her an email telling her so.  In which I also tried to invite myself to her house.  She declined so graciously.  (You think I'd be blushing right now, but I'm not.  I'm just that nutty over her.)

You may recognize some of her lovely fabrics from the Good Folks collection-- they show up in spades in my first two collections.  I'm awfully sad there won't be any of her amazing new voiles in my summer line-- price points and all that mess.  Silly stuff.  How gorgeous are her daughters in some of the new Little Folks Voiles?

This lady has her finger in every known pie imaginable.  Fabric design, product design, textiles, home goods, books... and she has a baby younger than mine.  And a daughter about to go to college.  And a few others (NicholasJosephIsabellaEleni-- you know, just FOUR more.  No biggie.  And, technically, that's not as many as Kayce Hughes has.  She's the other person I'd like to grow up to be-- only I've never been a size 2, so not that part.) 

kitchen renovation-- so pretty
Her home and her life seem just so saturated-- with color, with love, with people, work, home, kids-- just a whole lot of good stuff.  And her honesty and openess are as lovely as her fabrics (and her fabrics just get me right in the chest.)

images from Free Spirit Fabric
Sometimes, on the inside, I'm a really small person.  Kind of mean.  Judgemental.  Not always really proud of who I am.  Not always inclined to happiness.  But there are some people out there who just seem to have a tendancy to laughter, goodness, beauty.  And it just kind of overflows to the outside.  Admirable.  More of who I wish I was.  Also, it would be nice if I could draw a straight line. 

I like her because she made this awesome old-school playroom for her younger kids with the help of her oldest daughter as a Christmas gift.  I like her because she made me cry talking on a podcast about how she almost gave her oldest daughter up for adoption when she was 19.  I like her because she gets color in a way that very few other fabric designers do.  I like her because she has the same buffet in her dining room that I have, but she's had the guts sense to paint hers white.

And I also like her because she designed these.

all images from Anna Maria Horner's website and blog unless otherwise noted


Joy said...

Awww...this was really sweet. You should send her a link. :) She sounds like such an amazing person (but then so are you!). I can't imagine doing all that with 6 kids! I love the napkins too!

sezales said...

I totally LOVE all of her stuff!! I found her blog a few weeks ago and I think I am in love!

Anonymous said...

Love all of the bright, fresh, fun fabrics! The napkins in that last image are too much fun.