Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And we can't forget the boys, can we?

Dispelling the whole "cobbler's wives go barefoot" thing, right?  Here's a little love for the fellows.

Our applique clothing was a big hit last season-- here's Grady wearing Old-Fashioned Bike pants and a Vespa tee from the Schoolkids in Paris line.
Side note-- our photographer told me AFTER we took that shot about how she and a mom and toddler were trapped against the very close wall next to the tracks when a train zoomed by.  So much for safety, huh? 
(nd his boots, since EVERYBODY who sees them asks, are from Satch and Sol, purchased with a discount code from Soulemama.  I was really bummed when I found out they aren't carrying them anymore.  They are literally being worn to death by my sweet son.)

And here's the first of the appliques from Picnic.

Picnic is very 1930'-inspired, and I wanted something cool with wheels for these applique beach pants.  Crisp red cotton and a twill stripe scooter does the trick!  Inspired by this:
Our Monopoly Car ringer tee is coming soon-- I'm so excited about this one.  On the (very rare) occassions when Grady takes a nap, his reward is to watch one TV show and stay up late (till 7:30!) and play Monopoly.  Which mostly consists of putting out all the pieces and sacking up the hotels.  I loved the idea of translating the car to a cute shirt for the wee ones. 

And the Modern Knickerbocker (a fancy name for roll-cuff pants with extra giant pockets for all your treasures, like dirt clods and gumballs and unidentifiable bits of nature that might or might not have once been living creatures.  At least that's what qualifies as "treasure" around these parts...)
And for the littlest guys-- a cute Opposite Stripe Romper.
Just a little peeksie!
I cannot wait for it to stop snraining (the nasty wintry mix we are getting around here) so I can show you the DE-lightful treasures I've found thrifting and junk shopping it up this week.  Can anybody say cast iron and jadite lamp?!!!


Joy said...

I heard about the jadite lamp and can't wait to see it! The pants are adorable! I can't wait to see more. :)

paula said...

so cute.

Scattering Lupines said...

LOVE IT! I realized when I visited your store yesterday that I was mistaken and YES you DO have boy clothes :)

I'd LOVE for you to do a post on your "story." How you got started, who sews, anything else interesting that people who are like homemade/handmade would love to hear about...

and certainly the oh-so-fun creative DESIGN part! I love reading about your inspirations!

These are all suggestions, of course. It's your line, so you can give whatever info you want.

I am not positive, but I think I can "invite" you as an author and you can just sign in and create your own post... if you want to do that.

Just send me your email address!