Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Check out this giveaway!

I recently discovered the beautiful blog of Grace, a transplanted Southerner now living in what appears to be heaven, otherwise known as southern California. 

Grace's kitchen, remodeled entirely by her obviously very talented hubby.  LOVE her turquoise lanterns.

Mama to a little boy (whose name is Harper-- great name, huh?) renovator extraordinaire, Etsian, pillow sewer, excellent photographer, fellow lover of the color white and all-around-cool-seeming lady-- I love popping in on her light-filled corner of the world. 

And Grace is hosting a giveaway from my not-so-secret crush Eddie Ross.  Eddie and Jaithan chose an item from their Etsy shop for her-- and this already lovely little box came filled with treasures gathered by the duo on their beaching excursions.

 Such pretty stuff-- sea glass, shells, smoothed stones-- lovely, lovely, lovely.  Pop on over to Grace's blog and leave her a comment for a chance to win.  I'm soooooooo coveting this little prize....

AND-- Eddie Ross is hosting a doozie of a giveaway on his site, too, to celebrate the Big Window win.  Go check it out!


Joy said...

Very cool. I love the turquoise lanterns too.

paula said...

I love visiting new blogs. Hope you win.

Linda j said...

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Anonymous said...

We loved putting this together for you! You're so sweet to host this giveaway!

Eddie + Jaithan

Living It At Home said...

I love this giveaway! What a great idea. That kitchen is fantastic. I too am holding a giveaway on the Elle Decor, So Chic book. Please stop by for a visit and check it out.


Scattering Lupines said...

I just noticed I never commented here, although I read it and visited the links... wasn't it last week? What I would've said is: I love that little box of natural treasures... and that kitchen is DIVINE! Some great photos here.

Thanks for the commercial link! That was a good one. I just love google :)