Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey! There's a second line in my dining room!

Once upon a time, when Grady was a mere 29 months old, the Headmaster of his Montessori school, along with one of his Toddler Community teachers, came over one evening for a visit (standard practice for his school, we're not special or anything.) 

As we chatted and ate antepasto and Grady stuck chewed olive pits back onto the tray, somehow the subject of music came up.  Up perked those little ears, and Grady interjected: (and I'm paraphrasing here, but this is the jist of it.) "Oh, I love to watch Yoyo Ma play his cello!  It goes like this (miming sawing motions with an imaginary bow) But my favorite music is Bob Marley. And John Harper's song is Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes but my favorite song is from Neko Case."

That pretty much capped off our home visit.  I never figured out if they decided we were fit parents or raving lunatics that they had to get away from as fast as possible.  I'm still not exactly sure about that, either.

We like music around these parts.  Like, we really like music.  Like my husband and I still drive to other cities late, late on school nights to hear obscure bands play live shows.  I'm telling myself we are building character in our children by the hours of Emusic searching we subject them to. 

And so  to kick your weekend off in style, I'm giving you a little list of linkies to the Top Ten Songs That Will Change Your Life.  And don't tell me if you don't like it because you will hurt my feelings terribly (and also possibly make me wonder about the condition of your soul if you don't cry at #1.)  Mostly these are in order, but things are fluid around here. 

Come on in: it's all happening.

Number 10:  Cat Power "Lived In Bars"
Number 9: Iron and Wine "The Trapeeze Swinger"
Number 8: My Morning Jacket "I Will Be There When You Die"
Number 7: Blind Pilot: "Miss Ohio"
Number 6: Avett Brothers "I Would Be Sad" (audio only because, in my humble opinon, AB live is kind of a mess.  There is such a thing as getting too excited.)
Number 5: Neutral Milk Hotel "In An Aeroplane Over The Sea"
Number 4: The Low Anthem: "Oh, My God Charlie Darwin" (and if you buy the album--which you totally should, because it's awesome-- by the same name, OMGCD is exceptional, too, but I can't find a clip of it.)
Number 3:  Bright Eyes "This Is The First Day Of My Life"
Number 2: Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah"
Number 1: Blind Pilot "Three Rounds and a Sound"

And a little something for your Sunday morning eggs-- which will, I hope, be perfectly scrambled:
Rebirth Brass Band "Do Watcha Wanna". 

I hope that you, too, experience the joy that is a second line in your dining room this weekend.


Joy said...

Fabulous pics, especially the last one. I'll have to check those out. :)

Lila said...

I love Hallelujah. It's a favorite!
Lila Ferraro
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Gremlina said...

truly. kindred. spirits.

Lilia said...

So I've never heard of one of these songs, and now... well - wow.

I truly love "Three Rounds and a Sound" & "This Is The First Day Of My Life"

Thanks for bringing them into my world

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

That last picture is priceless! I'm going to download some of these. Thanks for the list...

I think my favorite "Hallelujah" is by Many Angels. It gets me every time. Sometimes I have to be careful when my iPod reaches it while I'm public-- my face becomes so strained with emotion people start to look concerned.

Anonymous said...

Get the video camera out, put "Do Wacha Wanna" on the iPod and catch that second line around the dining table on video! Please.