Monday, May 17, 2010

Top Five Reasons That Being The Big Brother Rocks!

Number Five:
 Upon waking, you get to peek into the crib and say things to your little brother such as "your bottom is SOOOOO fat and I just want to squeeze it!" Your parents, listening in through the monitor, subsequently get to disolve into fits of mirth.

Number 4:
 No matter what you do, you can be assured that there is at least one person who thinks that whatever it was you did was totally rad.

Number 3:
 Your tower will pretty much always be the tallest tower in the house.

Number 2:
Sometimes, when you're having a really hard day, your mommy lets you sit on a really tall stool and shields you with her body so that your little brother can't see that piece of candy she just snuck you.

Number One Reason Being The Big Brother Rocks:
--(and this one is straight from the Big Brother himself)--
There's always, always somebody around to tickle you when you need to be tickled.

May your days be filled with someone who thinks you totally rock and always tickles you when you need to be tickled, too.

Stacking tower from Montessori Services-- and who woulda thunk it, but the Lack table from Ikea makes one heck of a window seat/toy bench/place to drive your trains around.


Gremlina said...

that table appears to be awfully sturdy, here too. & the only real difference at our house is big sister can't build a tall tower because it is destroyed by the little one. which results in yelling, then hugging. ah siblinghood.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...


And I am NOW going to go check out that Montessori link...

paula said...

how sweet are they. wish I thought of the lack table instead of the train table we got for kj. He is tearing it to pieces.