Monday, June 7, 2010

Do you believe in serendipity?

A serendipitous find-- my new banana yellow garden clogs.  Found thrifting, of course.

Sometimes life takes you on the most unexpected paths.  The last few years of my life have felt very much like a lesson in serendipity-- I never quite know where I'm going, but the journey has been oh, so much fun.  I'm a believer in the law of good choices;  make good choices, surround yourself with positive people, and somewhere in there, happiness will follow.
A few weeks ago, the boys and I were all set to visit our favorite local dairy farm when a tremendous thunderstorm blew in and canceled our plans.  We headed off, per Grady's request, to the Natural Science Center.  Almost immediately, he decided he needed a snack, and we headed to break room.  Among the wild and wooly school groups, one stood out for how calm and careful they seemed.  I noticed one of the teacher's wearing a shirt with a large "M" on it-- of course!  "M" for Montessori-- that explained everything. 
Cloth scrubbing-- an exercise of Practical Life
In my past life, I was a Montessori Children's House (ages 3-6) teacher.  Grady attends a local Montessori school.  Problem was, though, that although it's a cheerful, calm and peaceful place, it wasn't exactly what I wanted for him.  And so I decided, just because, to check out the website of that school I'd seen visiting the Science Center. 
A five year old composing sentances with a Movable Alphabet.
The school was a long, long way from our house--nearly an hour.  But on one last whim, I decided to click on "employment opportunities."  And lo and behold-- they were looking for a teacher.  I visited the campus the next day.  After many more visits with each other, we have decided that I am exactly what they are looking for in a teacher, and I have decided that it is the most perfect place for my boys to grow up as Montessori children.
Hoot Baby has been enormously fun.  I've learned so much this past year-- about myself, about running a business, about my capabilities and mostly about my limitations.  Several months ago, as I was preparing to take the company to national trade shows and begin a serious wholesale business, I had one of those moments--a revelation?  A breakdown? Who knows, but I did realize in that moment that this is not the time in my children's lives for me to be gone for 3 weeks at a time, for me to be stressed out and working 14 hours a day, for me to have too much to do to make time for them.  And so I had already made the decision to shutter this little business for the time being. 
A good choice. 
 And one good choice follows another. 
Beginning in August, the boys and I will travel together each day to the same building, where I can peek in on them as they work and grow and become.  And I will experience again the feeling of walking into Children's House-- like a deep, slow, breath.  A feeling of peace.

Serendipity-- one door closing, another opening. 
Counting out the Teen Boards with numerals and bead bars.

I'm ready for the journey.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, Meliss. Positive thoughts and blessings to you all.

Gremlina said...

wow. didn't see it coming, but it sounds so refreshing. what an important decision to make...i can't wait to see what comes on this path.

Joy said...

Ditto, Lacey! I didn't see that coming either. Where, is my next question. Why not Finn's school, is the next. ;) I can't wait to hear more about your new journey!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

WOW! How wonderful! Congratulations on your decision. YOu made HootBaby successful so fast, you can pick it back up anytime you're ready!

What a neat time in your lives!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and the boys! There are many wonderful times ahead!

naqahdahnellie said...

I'm so glad you got it! I was just thinking about you the other day, but forgot to ask. Congrats, and good luck on your new adventure!

paula said...

oh, I am so excited for you! I am sure you will be so happy. There is always later right?