Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eight is Enough?

Hi everyone.  I'm so sorry I haven't gotten that tutorial up yet-- and scrap bag winners, please have a wee bit of patience with me, too.  I'm fighting a nasty sinus infection, the boredom of summer vacation (did you know it sets in at 3 years old?  Apparently it does, or my son is just used to me running a three-ring circus that I'm too tired to do right now), we lost our 14-year-old greyhound to cancer last week and our Dane mix is at the vet with as-yet-undiagnosed illness, which hopefully will not cause him to bloat (this is very, very bad, if you don't know about deep-chested dogs.)  Sorry to be such an Eeyore about everything-- I'm really OK, just stretched thin in the time and patience departments. 
I'm also preparing for our little family of four to double in size.  Our dear friends who moved away last summer will be back in NC for a month, staying mostly with us.  Of course you know this means that I had to begin a thrifted re-design of our guest room, which is sadly stalled due to the aforementioned woes.  Hopefully I'll be able to snap a few pictures of what has been finished to share with you before my house becomes home to four children under four.  It is going to be wild and crazy and oh, so much fun, I am sure.  We're going to hit the pool, the museums, parks and all the delicious restaurants that our region has to offer.  This will probably mean less blogging for a while.  Or maybe it will mean more blogging.  Who knows?  Either way, it will be quite the adventure and I'm really looking forward to it!

I really do have two tutorials all ready in my noggin-- I'll try to get them down this week.  We're heading off to Wilmington on Friday, so if not, I'll catch ya' on the flip side (of the weekend, that is.  Have a great one if you don't hear from me before then!)


Joy said...

Whoa...lots of craziness there. Hopefully you feel better before Wilmington. Good luck getting everything done. Have fun with 4 under 4. ;)

Gremlina said...

oh my! I feel spread the same way...no real evidence though. We'll be at the ocean some of the weekend as well. I can't wait to enjoy the beach-pre coated in oil...