Friday, June 18, 2010

We have a winner(s)!!

We're very scientific around here-- buckets and little scraps of paper.  The winners are:

Nicki C K said... YAY! Gotta LOVE scraps! I would love a mixed bag! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Nicole said... Ooohhhh. I wanna! I wanna! :) Probably a mixed bag! I just can't choose! I'm hoping to work on 2 more summer outfits and then I'm moving on to fall. The thing is that I like to mix cool colors into fall too. I'm crazy wild like that.

Allysa said...We would take anything! Fabric fairy please visit us! Allysa and Co

Congrats ya'll-- and happy crafting!
PS-- there is plenty more where this came from-- I might just have to do this again soon!


brown robin said...

Hey there! No way! You blog again too. I thought you had let it go for good so this is the first time I've been back. We will have to catch up... if it's in August, then great! Definitely. You can't come to town this time without stopping by

Anonymous said...

Yea! Thank you!