Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, duh and a dining room

So it's kinda hard to sign up for a shopping trip without a working link, huh?  Here's the correct link to the flea market trip with Eddie and Jaithan in November.  You can shop on Friday, Nov. 5 or Saturday, Nov. 6, both trips at 11 am.  Cost is $50 per trip, and from what I hear, it is worth every penny!  I can hardly wait!
In other news, I'm absolutely obsessesed with this dining room.  Brooke Giannettti, from Velvet and Linen, created this amazing space.  While I don't have room for such a long table, there are so many elements from this room that I am coveting for my own home.  A major makeover is in the works for this fall, and I'm gathering ideas.  I love the wing chairs at either end, the aged doors to add architectural interest, and the light fixtures.  Amazingly, the Mister loves the lights, too!  Actually, his exact words were more like "yeah, those are cool."  I will take that as an affirmative.  I can't wait to see the room when the next layers of finishes and accessories are added! 


paula said...

this is my inspiration too! I am sure a flea market trip with those two would be quite the blast.

paula said...

only slipped the boots on, still way too hot to wear, but they seem comfy.