Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Eddie Ross trip

My flea market trip in Charlotte with Eddie and Jaithan was this past Saturday--fun, fun, fun!  I learned a whole bunch, saw a WHOLE bunch of stuff, and came home with just a little of it.

Eddie is so charismatic and exciting in person, and knows just everything about EVERYTHING. 
I was almost convinced to buy an amethyst compote... almost.  

Jaithan kept everything very quietly organized and it was all just so nice. My only wish was that the other 24 people would have called in sick so I could have gone over all the goodies with those two by myself!

Flea markets can be really, really fun for hunting for buried treasure.  I was on some rather specific (and not terribly inexpensive) missions, plus it was cooooold.  I do better when it is a) warm and b) totally non-goal-oriented.

Somehow I managed to pry my frozen fingers apart to unzip my wallet, however, and came home with some loot-- all waiting to be transformed.

On my list was some chenille bedding for the boys' room.  Judy the chenille lady helped me find a perfect twin coverlet and two matching king-size shams.  But of course there will be a little presto-change-o involved-- I'm crossing everything and holding my breath that I don't ruin it. 

Stay tuned for more fun finds!


Joy said...

How fun! I'll bet you had a blast. It was a cold Saturday, wasn't it! The boys' room looks great. I can't wait to see the coverlets!

Anonymous said...

How peaceful the room looks! Where did you find the beds? And I love the coverlets!

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun with you!! Thank you for the sweet post and we cannot wait to see the new bedding!


Gremlina said...

wow! what a fun adventure!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

i have to say i'm a bit jealous!

sounds like a great experience. doesn't he have a way of making everything look amazing!?

paula said...

loving the way the room is coming out. Gorgeous! Eddie seems like such a great guy.

Rene said...

Lucky you for meeting Eddie. I'll bet you also met my blogging friend Gretchen on this trip. Funny we live in the same town. Small world.