Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Renovation Math

3= the number of times the plumber has come to do the install.

2=the number of times parts have been missing, incorrect, or damaged.  It also = the number of times I have asked him to PLEASE check and make sure nothing else is missing so we do not have another delay.

1=the number of faucets that he put on backwards today, therefore making it appear that the bath company had sent the wrong faucet, when, in fact, they had not.

0=the number of times he returned our phone calls today informing him that he needed to come back and switch those *#%(#%#(%& faucets around so the job could be completed.

10=the number of days he is now on vacation.

12=the number of days until I have houseguests who might want to, oh, you know, use the GUEST BATHROOM.

The way I see it, the sum of these numbers is:

Infinity=the number of drinks I would like to consume.
Why yes, thank you, I believe I will.


Joy said...

Oh geez. What a pain! I hope the days fly quickly and you can *finally* say the job is done. That drink looks amazing though!

HannahJ said...

OH MY- I think you need a new plumber;)what a mess!