Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still searchin' for the perfect cocktail table..

Alternately titled:  If I Didn't Have Kids, I Would Have This.

Since we moved in 4 years ago, we have had ugly coffee table, no coffee table, and another ugly table.  I'm hindered in my search for the perfect table by my two little design-wreckers (goodness, gracious, I love them, but  boys are H.A.R.D. on a house!)-- and in this case, my lack of $2,000 to spend on a cocktail table. 

As always, my bestie Anthro comes through for me in design dream-land.

Don't hate me, but I am absolutely DYING over this.  The edges are rounded and I bet it makes a dandy launch pad to the sofa!
Quick, go buy something from the store so I can afford a $3K table!

Pretty purty.  Fairly indestructable.  Still too much for a house with my son in it (Hey, you saw the video.  The dustbuster musicale was impromptu and tame for him.)

Hot damn.  I love this.  Price=not too bad.  Glass top and spindly base=really too bad.

Do I love it?  Do I hate it?  I just don't know. 
If you love it, buy it here.

And this concludes my coffee table musings for today.  There are a couple of ah-mazing (glass, spindly, death-traps) down at the shop-- get rid of your kids and go get one:-)


Rene said...

Knowing your luck, your dream table is waiting for you at Goodwill and only costs $10. Been missing your posts :)

brown robin said...

Hey... I'm looking for the perfect coffee table too! Come to Asheville and find it for me. I think your new store is so cool and this is right up your alley. You are soooo good at this decorating, diy, bargain-finding stuff!