Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blast from the past

Remember this shirt?

He got a makeover.

I used this tutorial as a jumping off point-- I cut many, many circle-y shapes in a variety of sizes, and then starting with the largest, I kind of crimped them into tear-drop-shaped petals, sewing each petal on top of the next.  I fluffed and pulled them to make it look like a flower, then added a vintage ticking-stripe button to the middle.

It sounds hard, but don't worry, it wasn't.  I drank wine and watched TV while I sewed.  Emersonmade it is not, but I have my $78 and it's Melissamade, so even better. 


Anonymous said...

Really, really cute. Love it!

Joy said...

Very cute! It looks great on you too. :)

Wendy said...

That is awesome. Emersonmade is so expensive - and it looks just like it! Recently started drooling over your fabulous fins on FB. Love your stuff! I'm a NC neighbor from Durham!