Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I always knew I prefered egg-white omelettes (or why following vintage pattern directions to insert a yoke is not all it's cracked up to be)

Would you believe that I dislike puns? I guess I'm just a little punchy today with the rain and cold temps returning to spoil my spring. Let us get our yuk-yuks out and move on, shall we.

Vintage patterns. Yes. I know I went on the other day about how much I love them. But I am not of the home ec generation-- and this one really had me stumped. I still have no idea if I did it "right" but the yoke on this dress if finally in-- and it is straight and the seams look good, so we are going to call it a job well done.

Again, I take heart in the fact that it's not just me. For those of you who follow the very talented Amanda (and in my set, asking is somebody reads Soulemama is just as silly as asking if she likes chocolate or breathes air or something) apparently I'm not the only one baffled by how, um, concise, these instructions are. Shall we just say that the swearability factor on this little number was quite high. And that gorgeous (but SO unforgiving to picked stitches) fabric-- Joel Dewberry's Chocolate Orchid Ginseng--right up there with my husband and really good coffee on my list of lasting loves. The price on this stuff seems to be creeping up as it becomes just a tad bit harder to find. Better stock up while I still can.

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littlegirlpearl said...

I'm so right there with you!! I love the allure of vintage patterns, but when I look at the instructions I wonder how any of our Mothers could have possibly followed them! I think it's easier to take a look at the pattern pieces and see if you can figure it out on your own. There is a vintage wrap skirt I've done many times, and the directions for the inserting the elastic are laughable. The method I use to construct the skirt not only make it reversible, but take about 3 less steps! So I totally sympathize with your yoke dilemma, but as long as it turned out the way you wanted it, I'd say you did it right!!