Saturday, March 7, 2009

Planning and Planting

We made our first pilgrimage to the Curb Market this morning, and came home with the world's best pimento cheese ( from Real Catering-- studded with thick-cut bacon and with a hint of worcestershire!), some trailing rosemary--something I've never seen before--and a new Provence lavender. With temperatures in the 70's and a spring wind blowing, I set out to do what I've put off for too long-- mapping out the garden in my sketchbook. This past autumn's pregnancy kept me from spending much time in the garden, and I had to think very hard to remember what lies beneath the dried remnants of last summer's mulch.

Our garden is filled with pass-along plants-- some with their roots as far back as my great-great-Grandmother's garden. When we sold our old house two years ago we actually dug up more yard than we left, and many of those plants have found their home in the garden of the new house. These bearded iris-- white with pale-purple hearts-- were rescued from a thick layer of undergrowth at the old house. A climbing pink rose-- grown from a clipping my own mother took from a wild bush while she was pregnant with me-- that has grown on the fence of every home I've ever lived in is putting out its first growth of the season. And peonies from my grandparents' farm are peeking through the earth. My mind is filled with plans and my hands are deep in the dirt. Life is good, good.

Not just a talented poet and a brilliant attorney-- he builds fences, too! A corner of one of Adam's beautiful creations.

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