Thursday, April 2, 2009

For which there are no words...

My feelings after spending a fleeting hour surrounded by all my favorite friends-- up-close and in the flesh. Amy, Joel, Heather, Heather, Anna Maria, a little more Amy.... yes, friends, I made it to fabric-a-holics heaven. Karen Gray has opened her shop. It took me a just a little more than 48 hours from the time the doors opened to get there, and I'm still floating on my fabric high.
Here's everybody all together-- Amy, Heathers (in the plural--Ross and Bailey, you know,) and my ever-lasting love, Joel Dewberry. And sorry for the stinky lighting-- would you believe it's raining around here? Who woulda thunk it.It's hard around here to get your physical hands on these designers-- and I'm here to tell you, on-line just does not do this stuff justice. When places carry it, it tends to be the "cuter" parts of the lines, but Karen has all the super-delux, totally sophisticated stuff-- dazzleing. I had promised I would be good to the old bank account, and really, I was, but mostly b/c I took a friend along and we were too busy talking to get down to the really serious business of selection. Woe betide me on the day I go back alone with more than an hour to spend. I am 100% certain that I must come home with yards and yards and yards of this apple-green JD that totally chanels Kwid-- but I'll save that little surprise for next week. Let's just say there's a poll in your future, gentle readers.
Roll call! Up first, a little Amy Butler. Those two on the right are home-dec weight, just dying to become a fab bag I have in my noggin.
And a little Pop Garden from Heather Bailey-- this stuff is hard to winnow down, because it's really like jumping into the jumbo-size Crayola 64 count box-- so fun and vibrant. These really, really want to become a twirly skirt for a sweet little girl.

A little love for my boys-- some Joel in an orange (Grady's fave) awning stripe. I see more matching sets in our future.And not to leave the girls out-- some pink Joel. These are also destined for skirt-hood, but I bought extra of that top print. I can just see it sassing up the oh-so-timeless black toile I'm using for my new niece's coat-- can't you just imagine that delicious pink lining flashing when she twirls (granted, she isn't set to be born for a few days here yet, but someday she will twirl, and one must celebrate the arrival of the first girl in 26 years, musn't one? I'll be making that coat to keep for later.)Where is Heather Ross, you say? You saw her in that top post-- those fishies and frogs-- oh, my. This is what happens when you tell your husband he can delete anything on the camera not of the kids so that he can take a picture of the baby blowing yet another spit bubble. If you are a fan, make sure you go buy it up while you still can-- I have it on good authority that this season's line will be her last. Boo, hoo, but you better believe I'll stock up before it hits $40 a yard on Etsy.


Joy said...

Those are gorgeous, Melissa! I REALLY want to visit that store, but I'm scared for my bank account. :) I can't wait to see what you make with all of it.

PS. Go here and look at the last comment. It's actually for you. :)

Jessica said...

I am having some serious, serious fabric envy!