Sunday, April 5, 2009

You be the judge

Well, I'm kinda happy right now. A wonderful, sun-filled weekend at my in-laws house (read: no dishes, laundry, or vaccumming for me) a few hours of work in my yard when I returned, and the happiness of knowing that people liked my little tutorial. Thank you so much to Rachel at One Pretty Thing for featuring it, and to Anne at Craft Gossip for picking it up, as well. Enjoy those pants, ladies. I am telling you, as soon as I get Grady off in the mornings I come home, re-heat my abandoned cup of coffee, slip into my Naptime Pants and get to work. And that elastic waistband-- well, let's just say that it is making it kind of hard for me to remember that I really should only eat gelatto once a day if I want my pre-baby clothes to fit any time soon...
Now, tell me what do you think about this?Sophisticated of sideshow? This is my test wall in my dining room--Swiss Coffee and Jade Satin. (And note my not-so-subtle plea for comments here. Seriously, they just make my day. My motto is you can never have too many flowers or too many friends, so please, let me know you've stopped by so I can find you out there in blog-o-world.)

When we moved into this house, I transported all my fabrics and colors from my teeny, tiny, east-facing, window-filled cottage-- all buttery yellows, mellow greens and cranberry reds. Very French country. But here, in these (somewhat) larger rooms, all shaded by our fab porches and with mostly southern and northern light, the yellows looked egad awful. And blue, which I've never been a huge fan of inside, suddenly looked amazing. So I'm experimenting with all different kinds of blue all through the house. Do you like it or loathe it? I think I kinda love it-- it's inspired by these art pieces, which are probably my most favorite posession. It stinks that it will take at least 3 coats to make it look good, though-- good thing the white under the chair rail is finished, but I guess I know where my late nights will be taking me this week. I'm trying to convince my husband that he needs to let me paint all the dining room furniture white-- I don't think I'll win that battle. But I'll let you know if I do.

I have so many unfinished projects on my back burner right now. And some of them are actually going to be exchanged for cold, hard cash (that I will promptly return not to my bank account, but here) so I really should get to work. So if you see me out lollygagging around in the sunshine, tell me to get back in and start sewing. And I'll be sure to post pictures of them-- telling you I will is great motivation to get crackin', no?


Lisa said...

I love that blue. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Joy said...

Girl, you know we love brightly colored walls over here. I think they look great! All of our kitchen/breakfast nook/living room walls took 3 coats. Totally worth it for fabulous color!