Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's true what they say about the best laid plans... I had so many--some skirts cut out, my painting project, and evening of Ellen Bryant Voight with friends from my MFA...and then my little stinker had to start turning blue on me. John Harper has already had one nice, long stay in the hospital for pnemonia at 4 weeks, and then he had to go and turn this lovely shade of Carolina Blue (go Heels!) when we were getting his cough checked out Monday evening. So off to the hospital we went for a night of "observation." If you've ever been lucky enough to be the mommy of an "observed" baby you know that it is really hospital-speak for "no sleep for you!" So when we were released today-- he's perfectly healthy, just apparently feeling extra-supportive of his Daddy's team or something-- I was too sleepy to sew a straight line and had to come up with Plan B.

Here is plan B
It's a bit late, but we are finally getting our seedling started. Grady helped me with these--we really had more fun that I would have expected. Except for when he ate the potting soil (please tell me other people's kids do stuff like this. I mean, I know we were spooning it and all, but really? Eating dirt? What's the appeal, I ask you?)
I love the look of concentration on his face as he works. So serious, so deeply, deeply involved in every task. He's right on the cusp of capability-- there is so much he can do, and that delights him, and yet still so much that is hard and frustrating and just beyond his abilties. I try to take every opportunity to give him the chance at small successes, and I strive-- sometimes more gracefully than others-- to help him ride the frustration out, and channel all that drive and energy and purpose into something that he will find rewarding instead of daunting. It's hard work, this parenting business. Strength and patience and calm to all of us who are together on this journey.
Abd this work-- such fun for small hands. We hatch from eggs! Did you know that all these wonderful, diverse beings began as eggs? Naturally, he's most excited about the dinosaur. All boy, that one. I'm hoping to find a few minutes to craft some of these to house his wee creatures-- so much better than plastic!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, blue. How terrifying, I really hope he is doing better and you are able to get some sleep. Sending my best for you all.

Joy said...

I hope John Harper's doing better today. Grady looks like he's having a blast with all those eggs. A little dirt never hurt anyone. ;)