Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Birthday and a Beco

Happy Birthday to me! Thirty-two whole years on the planet today-- not too bad. I like getting older. To celebrate, Adam and I took to boys to our favorite MFA days watering hole. We sat outside (because it's really a college bar) and ate cheese fries and drank a cheap beer apiece and Grady watched the excavators next door. That's one of the beautiful things about where we live-- both physically and in proximity to the people we once were. We slowly fell in love Thursday evenings after workshop in that old bar (don't worry, it's a pretty tame place as bars go. Don't call child welfare or anything) and it was fun to spend an hour in that life again.
I bought myself a wee something from Etsy (from this shop.) I love how Etsy items come in pretty little packages with lots of cute extra touches.And the other beautiful thing about this day-- Adam's lack of planning in not ordering a cake meant that I got to request a sample platter from my favorite bakery.) There is a lee-tle left. And I had him hide the chocolate covered salted almond's from Trader Joe's (via my friend Nina, who also gave me that wine. I'm hoping she'll give me a new baby to hold today, too... do you think he got the memo that this is his due date?) before I ate the entire box.
And my gift from my sweet honey-- a Beco. I'm already in love-- and so, so tired of Mr. Grabby Hands riding on the front in my beloved Moby Wrap. And the Joel Dewberry Orchid Ginsing... well, we know I love that.
I'm a little shy showing you my picture.... but this is me. I don't think the wedding picture counts, since I don't really wear an up-do and nine pounds of makeup every day. I'm so looking forward to getting this little guy all adjusted and settled into this thing. It sure will be nice to get the baby off my belly and not feel pregnant for the first time in about 4 years... Now off to watch a movie of my choice (and maybe have a bite more cake...)
PS-- my other gift to myself is a website for Hoot Baby. If anybody knows anybody at Bludomain would you please tell them to FIGURE OUT WHAT'S UP so that they can lauch me? I've been waiting a week, already...


naqahdahnellie said...

Happy birthday! I'm jealous of the Beco, let me know how you like it! I'm going to have to do something different with K-man.

Joy said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa! You have me beat to 32 by a week. :) Jon Harper certainly looks happy in the Beco. It's so pretty! I hope you enjoyed your Maxie B's cake. That place is evil! I always eat too much there. I hope you're having a super special day! :)

nicola said...

happy birthday!

brown robin said...

How incredibly beautiful you both are! Happy Birthday! I stepped off the planet for a few days while I fought my way through a cold, but now I'm back. So fun to come over and see your sweet face!