Thursday, July 2, 2009

Honest Swap (without the swap part)

I am oh, oh, so tired tonight, but I had to rise to the challenge Joy set for me: 10 Honest Things about me. Since we're laying it all on the table, I'll go ahead and tell you that I ripped this image off from the very first thing Google found when I looked for images of "honesty." Told you I was tired-- it's from here, to keep everything above board.

Before we dive in, I'll tell you why I'm so tired. Partially because I've been filling orders like crazy and trying to figure out which direction lil' ol' Hoot Baby is going to go-- and feeling a little sad that I don't have time to "create." I spent an hour last night (or four, if we're counting. Poor Adam-- he should know by now that I have a, shall we say, fluid relationship with time-keeping. 7:30, 12 am... who's counting) with a wonderful group from our neighborhood. I'm serious when I say that 90% of the people in this neighborhood create-- with paints, fibers, metal, wood, flowers, music, words... everything. The energy can be amazing-- and we are planning a super-fun and amazing (and totally catering to voyers like me who are desparate to see the inside of people's houses) studio walking tour and happening afterparty. Coming to a street near me Oct. 3-- come on over. I love the name we chose-- "Westerwood Art and Sole..Art You Can Walk To." So anyway, I'll probably be talking about that a lot. I have also had lots on my mind this week I've wanted to post about, but I've had trouble with the whole camera thing. Even though I know you log on to hear me run my virtual mouth, it's way more fun with pictures. But I am going to be talking about it next week. My feet is one topic. And my tomatoes. And hand-embroidery. Fun stuff.

So.... here we go. 10 Honest Things About Me. I'm not sure I know who to tag in this-- I'll have to think about that.
1.) I'm an unabashed carnivore. I ate approximately 1 million hamburgers while pregnant, all from here. Yes, I know it's gross. I make up for it by being basically vegetarian all summer, when I eat tomatoes 19 times a day.
2.) I'm a horribly judgemental person. I'm working on that. Almost every single one of my closest friends is someone I initialy judged (erroniously) and now adore.
3.) I'm very good at growing things. I guess it's ok to say that because I'm being honest. I really think I do have a genetically green thumb, because I never even kept houseplants until we bought our first house and I dug up a half-acre of land and turned it into garden after garden after garden.
4.) I secretly wish I was a cool hippie chick. In reality, I look more like I came from J. Crew. Except I never, ever wear headbands.
5.) I have the ugliest, grossest feet you will ever see. And I'm gonna blog about them. Lucky you.
6.) Some folks say I'm witty. I dunno, but I like to talk, and sometimes funny things come out.
7.) My proudest accomplishment in my life is helping John Harper learn how to breastfeed. I hear August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and so I'll wait a few weeks to tell that story. It's a good one. Get that hankey out again.
8.) I would much, much rather watch children play than play with them. This is problematic as my main job these days is to stay home with kids.
9.) I eat so, so, so many desserts. The only reason I make it to the gym so many times a week is so I can eat my more of those.
10.) I often don't start things for fear of failing. Like, really often.

So, there we go. Now you know all about it me-- tell me all about you. Only I just realized I'm not on the computer with all the bookmarks, and my eyes are clooossssinnggg. I'll getcha tomorrow!

But PS: Thank you to Rachel at One Pretty Thing for bringing Wo-Bot to the masses. He looks kinda sad in his chair. I have REALLY got to read that photography manual....


Joy said...

Those are great, Melissa! So tell me how you judged me? ;) You should definitely be proud of bf'ing John Harper. You are an amazing mama for overcoming triumphantly in that situation. :)

Amanda said...

"10.) I often don't start things for fear of failing. Like, really often."

Ditto this one. Big Time. Part of why I say it takes me 2+ weeks to do an order is because for the first 7-9 days I am sitting there staring at the fabric, absolutely terrified that the buyer won't like the finished product. Dumb, yes. Character flaw, yes. But I bet most people who create for a living have that same fear...they just don't admit it!

naqahdahnellie said...

I'm not sure you can have the grossest feet...I've seen some pretty bad ones out there. And as long as you didn't pass deformed pinky toes on to your sons, then you're doing better than me. Poor Kieran. :(

littlegirlpearl said...

Such a great and illuminating list. I have no doubt that if we lived closer we'd be friends. Because just about everything on that list applies to me (with one huge exception--I HATE the gym, so it's the woods and mountains for me). I don't know about the judging either, my big flaw in that department is assuming that everyone thinks like me. Weird, huh?

But one point really stuck out. The fear of failure. Me too, of course. Why do we feel this way? When I am about to receive my feedback on etsy, I am literally on pins and needles hoping it isn't bad news, when I know very well that what I send out is generally very nice. Where does that come from?? Must explore...