Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Scrap (the reverse applique kind this time)

So I realized that I was supposed to scrap with Joy-- not swap. I'm a very scrappy person-- I'm surprised I didn't jump at that opportunity. But since I did not scrap (nor did I tag 5 friends-- I stink at chains...) I'm making her another kind of scrap here. I saw this amazing book a while ago, and I've been fascinated with the idea of reverse applique ever since. I really wanted to do something with these nice (and well-priced!) organic cottons I found, and the idea of this kind of applique just lent itself to working with organics. It's all cool and hippie chick (like you know I want to be.)
Natalie Chanin works with jersey knits, which I'm interested in, as well. I am starting to yen for a serger. Just a tiny bit. But I'm still mildly to moderately terrified by all that thread. We'll see. So I'm using cottons, and I expect it to fray artfully as it gets washed.

This was supposed to look like a peony. It does not. I've got an idea to do a smaller-scale applique that is more recognizable next time. But then I get all funny about the fact that sewing for summer really should be finished, and this weight of fabric really lends itself to summer. So I'm kind of torn. I think I'll put it up in the Etsy and see if anybody responds. Maybe. But anyway, about the technique. It was utterly soothing and relaxing to sit and stitch with my hands, rather than the machine. I love the visable hand of the construction here, and I love the loose, slightly untidy feel of the design. I've been meaning to make up this skirt for myself in this fabric-- I can totally see some of these stencil-like flowers being cut away and backed with these amazing chocolate and ruby colored upholstery-grade linen scraps I have squirreled away. I've never sewed for myself, though.... what'cha think? Should I go for it?


naqahdahnellie said...

I can't believe you've never sewn for yourself! While making things for others is very very rewarding, there is nothing like showing of your masterpiece to the world by wearing it yourself. I can't wait to see the finished project!

brown robin said...

This is soooo wonderful. I love it! Your etsy site looks great. I wish mine looked as good at any one time. I haven't had time to email you... so here goes. I'm going to thrown out my advice and you can just ignore it if you want to. I think that you should list some dresses in the 2T to 3T range. Kids are off their knees then (big time walking), and they stay in that size range much longer than the 12mo. Mama's might be even more inclined at that age range to put their daughters in your beautiful dresses. It's easier to justify the dinero spent if they wear them a little longer. Just a thought. You're dresses are exquisite... wish I had one!

Joy said...

That's wonderful, Melissa! I really love it! Definitely sew something for yourself already! (or me, I'll wear it! ;)