Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It always gets worse before it gets better, right? Right?????

I really hope so.  'Cause this is what it looks like out there today.  Apparently one full-sized bed frame propped up on my porch wasn't enough.  That thing on the left may be my best rescue yet---or my biggest disaster.  Time'll tell.  Hopefully I'm right, because my beloved husband can be a very hard man to live with when I'm wrong/make him move something heavy. 
So, since my porch is currently trashed, was pretty ugly before I added all this c.r.a.p. and it was nigh on HOT outside today, I'm thinking about porches.  I want a crisp, cool, lovely little spot to rest this summer, and my porch is none of those.  Take a look at these lovely porches-- ideas to steal, for sure!
Jessica Thurston, of Cottage and Southern Livings, porch (I think)
I love this swing.  I have been thinking about how to do something similar-- I think that using a platform (possibly made from recycled pallets)  some porch railing, and either rope (scares me) or chain wrapped in rope (lotsa work, less scary) and a twin matress you could do something similar.  We'll see how on board the Husband is about building me this.  I love the idea of encassing a mattress in some sort of neutral outdoor fabric (supposedly available for $3/yard at one of the High Point outlets-- must check that out this week!) and then adding a vintage sheet to the top.  Fresh and breezy.
Southern Living

I love this one, too.  That rope is just great, isn't it?  This swing is very similar to the one we have right now, although it looks to be extra long?  I want something deeper, so you can lie down with a book (because I do not have two kids who need watching and I can totally do this whenever I want) I love an indoor-looking rug outside.  There are such great options available for so little money on clearance websites like Overstock.com.
Elle Decor
So chic-- love all the weathered wood and the grain sacks.  This is just my kind of palette-- neutrals, dark accents and a pop of color.  A seagrass rug would also be a good option for our porch.

Southern Living
Our porch is long and fairly narrow-- perfect for dividing into two seating areas.  Our swing hangs at one end-- I think some small tables to move around down there, some pillows and upholstery, and it would be great.  On the other end, we have a small (and uncomfortable) wicker sofa and three beautiful zebra wood chairs that are really much worse for the wear from their time outside.  I think a dining area would be perfect-- I love this table, but I'm also wondering how a Docksta would hold up outside.  Anybody tried it?  Love the slipcovers. 
Everyone in our neighborhood has amazing porches-- I'm getting pretty embarassed about mine.  Time for some planning and saving-- summer will be here before we know it!


Anonymous said...

I'm just envious of those with porches. A porch, a real porch would be ideal here in Tucson for much of the year, but sigh... not so

Anonymous said...

Okay, so wow to the blog link. I can so relate, and Olivia is only 2. Oh, the amount of forgiveness ahead of us!

Love that you are so crafy! I am so cookie-cutter-house pottery barn-wanna-be simple, it's not even funny. I love your finds and your desires. I just look at those porches, and go, wow, those are pretty porches. LOL!

We are doing well, just still tired. very tired.

Gremlina said...

i also want a porch. we covered a 10x10 section of our patio last year & it's just enough to want more. Perhaps the next bungalow...

paula said...

love all your ideas. we have a porch too, but it's not wide enough for these looks. a few rockers and a table.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely images and blog!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

Ah, I love porches, too! One down the street has tied-back curtains in a lightweight outdoor fabric around the porch...

I loved this post because I have been perusing outdoor fabric! The house we rented has a great little deck and I am thinking about covering some steel chairs my husband has had for years in outdoor fabric... they go with a bistro table that should be able to brave the elements! THanks for the visual inspiration. I love that you're out on your porch doing all these projects!

nameisgrace said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment! hope you are enjoying the day!