Monday, May 24, 2010

The "Fireplace Room" gets a new name...

Remember the "before" of this room?

Welcome to the Library!  I've started the first phase of transforming the "Fireplace Room" into something with new purpose-- and a new name!  This step was mostly about gathering all of the furnishings in one place.  I still have a lot of painting to do--walls, fireplace bricks, a couple of pieces of furniture-- but the shell is there. 

Here's a run-down of what is in there now.  The big bookshelf I scored at the Salvation Army-- I went back and primed it, and it got three more coats of chalkboard paint.  We have A LOT of books.  A lot.  I've pieced out our "pretty" books into some other places in the house, but this one is filled with all the books we love-pretty or not.  I've just started adding fun accessories-- little interesting bits collected on our travels, out thrifting, inherited from family.  I'm using the big open space in the middle as a bar area-- so fun for a nightcap in front of the fire this winter.

This cool chair-- a thrift store find many years ago, wearing that pristine green tweed when I found it.  A grand total of $25!  Unfortunately, my big Great Dane mix liked it a lot, too, and he ripped a hole in the seat cushion.  I've gotten some fabric to re-cover it for the time being-- it's wrapped around the cushion now.  More on that project to come!  I have some ideas for an accent pillow, too, but maybe one of these will go on sale and save me some work.

I used the green trellis fabric for the curtains-- it's upholstery-weight, and not the best for curtains, but we will see.  I spent $21 and 2 hours on them, so if I need to change them, so be it.  And there is my fake "Corrigan" chair off to the side.  I went with (gasp!) chalkboard paint-- after trying your suggestion of a chocolate brown (looked off in the room with all the black accents) and a sad, sad faux treatment in shades of gray.  I am never, ever, EVER doing a home upholstery job with leather again, is all I'm saying.  I'll be saving up to have this guy professionally recovered sometimes soon!

This has gotten pretty long-- I'll share more of the rest of the room this week.  The lighting in there is TERRIBLE-- almost no natural light gets in-- and it's making me nuts trying to get decent pictures.  Hopefully the sun will come out this week so I can get some better ones!


naqahdahnellie said...

Ok, so I know this isn't the piece that you're accenting, but I have to say I love the giraffe. It's the kind of thing I'd see in a store and say oh yeah whatever because I couldn't imagine what on earth to do with it. I think it looks fabulous there, and blends in just great!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

It turned out great! And I, too, noticed and like the giraffe. Very nice touch.

It's SO cozy!

Gremlina said...

so nice. you've inspired me. when life settles (heehee), our bedroom is totally becoming 'new' again.

paula said...

I would love a library! It looks beautiful.