Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Give me Liberty..."

or give me--

well-- more Liberty, I guess!

I've really fell in love with this shade from the Liberty of London line at Target.  I like that after the Liberty craze has died down, I think it will still look lovely, but won't scream out "hey!  I'm a LoL shade from Target!" the way some of the pieces do.  It sits atop my thrifted milk glass lamp, which has a pretty bronze base and a little gilt edging that I'm considering removing with steel wool.  Should I do that or not?

Join in for more pictures this week of the first stages of "the fireplace room's" transformation!


Alice said...

I love Liberty of London! Your shade looks great

Gremlina said...

i just bought Leviah an 'emergency' outfit by them the other day. I guess I need to get into Target more often...I like this shade! & the milk glass. I just bought some vases at the Salvay today (that's my nickname for the salvation army--feel free to use)