Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Urgh.  That's how I'm feeling about The Library, nee "The Fireplace Room."  Part of my feelings of urgh come from the fact that what I REALLY want to do is open up the wall between this room and our living room and add a second window to the front wall-- it is DARK in there, and I hate dark rooms.  It's my biggest beef with this house, and we plan to add one window to the library and two more to the living room at some point-- I'm thinking sooner rather than later, folks.  I'd also like to open up the staircase wall, but I can live without that for a little while longer!

The rest of my urgh comes from the green chair.  In that dark, dreary corner of the room, it's looking, well, dark and dreary.  I had originally picked out a tan brocade with the same green as the chair woven in a stripe.  Darker and drearier. 

So I tried out making a cushion cover with this celedon trellis fabric-- I'll let you be the judge, but my vote is a big ol' N.O.  So-- option three is a velvet brocade from here-- it's a good match, brings a little lightness to the chair, but it's $46 a yard and I need about 2 yards, which is really just more than I want to spend for something I don't really love.  And love it I do not.

If I'm spending nearly $100 just on fabric (I need to replace the foam, too) I'm thinking maybe I should try to get a suzani and cut it up to make the pillow.  Here's a choice from Ebay:

Or maybe a crewel?  This remnant from Lee Jofa would be perfect, but it's not large enough.

I tend to get stymied when I'm unhappy with how a project is going-- but hopefully I'll get that fire lit and figure out what to do in there, short of taking a sledgehammer to the walls while my husband is at work...


Beth said...

I have a couple of accounts w/ fabric companies now. Let me know if you see something you want, & I can try to get it. (Just not Schumacher -- unfortunately!)
My advice would be to just sit on it. (HA!) I mean, move on to something else until inspiration hits.
P.S. I want Suzani pillows too for Mark's room!!!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I think changing the rug to something lighter and brighter should be where you spend your $$$. That could change how you feel abut the whole room. And you could also change the throws out for brighter ones and even the lampshade to something more lively and fun. (cover it with fabric maybe?)

As far as chair fabric goes, I like your idea to go all out and do something fun and festive. Here are some:

All that being said, I think you did a fabulous job transforming the Library Room. It has a very vintage library feel the way it is now! But, your personality seems to crave the FUN in things, so you may need more splashes of funky color and light to bring you satisfaction :)

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

You may need this rug in green!

It's not cheap, but it would be cheaper than knocking out a whole wall and adding a window!

Joy said...

I have no good ideas, but good luck! Is the throw on the chair a family one? My grandmother has several in that pattern, at least 2 with the 70s gold, orange, green, brown. :)