Wednesday, June 16, 2010

::Found Thrifting::

Still feeling awfully yucky here, but not so yucky that I didn't get REALLY excited about these finds.  Today at the thrift store the Fabric Gods were smiling down upon me.

In the remnant bin-- two yards of that yummy blue and red plaid (perfect for summer rompers and shorts for my boys), two yards of a pretty floral-- love the birds, especially-- that will be tea-stained and made into pillows, and a preppy little Polo hankie-- how cute will that be as a little throw pillow with some navy cording?  Fifty cents, fifty, cents and one quarter respectively.

This BOLT of grey ticking-stripe in a shirting weight.  I was so excited when I found this-- it's exactly what I was looking for for some projects in our guest room, and will make perfect duvets for the boys for their room, which we're revamping later this summer.

This is A LOT of yardage-- 30 yards, maybe?  And the best part, (of course!) was the price.  Five dolla.  Grand total spent: $8.08. 
As my sweet son says: "yeah, dog."  (wonder who taught him THAT?!)


Joy said...

Grady's "yeah, dog" cracks me up. I always love it when Finn calls something "awesome". :) What great finds! I can't wait to see the duvets. I hope your cold goes away soon!

Gremlina said...

dang this nasty bug! Not sure it's the same thing, but summer sickness is the pits. that bird fabric is SO terrific! should you find it in your stash a year from now, dibs.

paula said...

a whole blot! now that's fabulous. hope you get to feeling better.

nameisgrace said...

what awesome finds!!! can't wait to see what you do with them:)

thanks for the comment about my pbn collection. if you google pbn's you will find that they all have a very distinct style about them. i can spot a pbn from a mile away. i would suggest looking at a bunch online so you can get the feel of a pbn, and then look at yours for similarities. hope this helps! (mine were labeled as vintage pbn's, but even if they weren't i could tell they were from the style of painting.) you'll be able to tell i promise!