Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Off to Adelaide's!

Three words that make my husband cringe every time he hears them-- but make me smile from ear to ear.  My favorite little stop in the Boro for cleaned up but still well-priced goodies is Adelaide's Vintage Home and Garden.  I like to go in and wander (squeeze is more like it-- they pack it in) and chat and dig for treasure.  And I almost never leave without just a little something-- a fun accessory, a great lamp, or some snazzy chairs.  I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing up the 1930's grey wicker desk I saw last week.  Adelaide had hers priced at a bottom basement $119.  Here's one just like it on Ebay
List price: $1650.  I always like it when I pass up a deal that leaves a whole zero off a price tag--- makes me feel smart.

But this time I'm not buying, but selling.  The accumulation of J.U.N.K. around here is starting to get a little bit ridiculous-- there are only so many chairs one can purchase for $4 at a thrift store before one's own living room begins to feel a bit like-- well, a thrift store.  And since packed to the rafters is not the look I'm going for, and since I have becoup fabric lying around, I decided the time was nigh to enter the retail market. 

Something fun, a little more funky and colorful that what I use in my own home, but oh, so fun. 
It's whispering to me-- "store credit, store credit, store credit..."

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Gremlina said...

adelaide's will BUY my stuff?!