Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Library Before and After--Part the Second

Remember when the Library was the Fireplace Room?  It looked like this:
And then it looked like this:

Different--yes.  Better--no.  A clear case of where "use what you have"= barf.

A few trips to Adelaide's, a whole lotta paint, a little fabric from Leisure, and we're looking like this:

I decided that because of the piano--the one piece that absolutely couldn't leave this room because of space concerns, and absolutely couldn't be painted because of Husband concerns--that black would have to be a big part of the room. And as soon as I found my awesome chairs at Adelaide's, I knew that they would have to be cream with black upholstery-- and so black and white became the palette.  

This is still a long way from "finished"-- but it's a lot closer!  Let's take a tour, shall we?

Remember that dresser I painted for our Master Bedroom?  I rescued this huge mirror from the top, painted it black, and stuck it up there. Rounding out the mantle, we have my giant thrifted lab beakers and a thrifted pewter bowl and goblet. The candleabra was a gift from my dad.

The mirror isn't permanant--I'm really digging this mirror from Ballard-- wonder if I can knock of Suzanne Kalser on a shoestring? 
To be continued.

A little thrifted cabinet-- waiting to get a coat of black paint and some antiqued mirror for the door.  It holds our wine glasses.  Up top-- thrifted vase ($8), decanter (.50 cents) and vase ($1).  The antique barometer was my grandmother's, and the mirror came from a local antique store (it was cheap-- around $35, I think.)

The other side of the room holds the piano-- a gift from our neighbors.  It was purchased in the 1920's or 30's (right around the time our house was built) by the original owners of their home.  They were the second owners, purchasing the home in the late 1990's.  The piano rolled right on over to our house when they moved out last year.  The chairs flanking it are thrifted--$10 each.  I've painted one, and I'm waiting for Leisure to come up with a buttery black hide for me to reupholster them with-- I stuck a piece of black linen in the seat to see what it would look like.    I have something really fun planned for behind the piano-- it involves some old bifold doors that are currently "aging" in my driveway... inspired by this photo, from Velvet and Linen:

Back to the other side of the room-- the bookshelf and reading corner.  The bookshelf was a fun $48 thrifted find, and the chair is covered in a little cream linen from Leisure ($3/yard!)  (Don't worry--I fixed that wonky seat cushion! I didn't realize how wonky it was until the picture was taken.)  The large corbels on the bookshelf are from Adelaide's-- $40/pair-- a total steal.  The hanging drum shade was an experiment-- failed, I think.  The big grey wicker thing in the back was a giant basket I found at Habitat for $2.  Hubby removed the handle and I hung it on the wall-- yes?  No?  Maybe?  Side table is an old thrifting find from my grad school days-- the husband started to refinish it, then got tired of it, and left it as is.  Everything old is new again-- that finish seems to be particularly in these days... I have the MOST amazing camel saddle project in the works for an ottoman.  Hopefully coming up soon!
I made the curtains peeking out behind the chairs-- an apple green lattice from Leisure ($3/yard).  A room-size seagrass rug is on order, and the walls need a coat of paint-- something with just the teeniest hint of grey, I think.  Here's a last peek--whatcha think?


Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

What a makeover! It feels old, eclectic, and cozy yet you have touches of clean and modern. Love it!

Joy said...

It really looks great, Melissa! I'd never see the same things in that stuff if I saw it at the thrift store. You really have a gift for pulling rooms together in the most unique and lovely way!

Gremlina said...

you're so inspirational!

bluehydrangea said...

Melissa, it looks so much brighter!! Great job!