Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cleaning up the studio...

While diging through the piles (and PILES-- it's amazing what happenes when you have a room-full of built-ins and no natural tendancies towards neatness...) in the studio I've come across so many interesting things.  Fabrics I'd forgotten about.  The (blush!) scrap bag winners scrap bags packed and ready to ship.  (I'm mortified about this!  I promise I'll make it up to you when I get them in the mail...) And little bits of embroidery, crafted here and there and tucked away for later.

It's later, and the baby in his big cloth diaper is running the risk of going starkers if I don't find some pants to fit him.  Like, yesterday.  And so I've been taking a few minutes a day to make a few new pairs of britches for my boy.  I'm perfecting the perfect, and perfectly simple, toddler pants pattern, and hope to have it to share with you later this week.  Half-a-yard + twenty minutes= pants.  Really.

But for now, isn't this little orange beach cruiser so sweet?  My favorite boy-stripe ever on the pocket flap, and a little rust-colored top-stitching--perfection!