Sunday, September 19, 2010

I don't need it, but maybe you do?

While doing the rounds on Craigslist, I have a few search terms I type in frequently.  One of them is "Hickory Chair:" the bestest-most-wonderfulest-furniture-in-the-whole-wide-(Triad)-world, if you ask my humble opinion.  Which of course, you did not, but there it is anyway. 

And looksie what I turned up!
Here's the link to the listing: $175.  I called to inquire-- the sofa is 6 years old, covered in a "fancy" (her words, not mine) fabric that is stain repellant.  There are no stains or marks on the sofa.  If you want to buy a new sofa from Hickory Chair, you'll need to cough up an additional $4,709, or thereabouts. This style is no longer in production, but the Roberts sofa is pretty similar

The fabric is OK as is-- you could certainly live with it for a while.  If you live in this part of the country, you can get fabric at one of the (many) surplus warehouses in the area for between $3 and $30 per yard.  You'll need around 11 yards-- so anywhere from $33 (gasp!) to $330 for fabric.  Labor to reupholster in this region would run around $600, and to slipcover it would be less-- the last quote I got for a slip was only $400, plus the cost of fabric.  I personally love the look of the Palmer, which has a similar arm style but a tufted back.  Add a couple hundred dollars for tufting and nailhead.

So for around a thousand dollars (or less!) you could have a HICKORY CHAIR sofa, upholstered in the fabric of your choice.  For the life of me I cannot figure out what I would do with this bad boy, or I would be over there before you could say wouldyoulikeahickorychairsofaforathousanddollars. 

I know the seller is flexible on price, and wants it gone, like, yesterday.  Go forth and purchase, dear readers!

***Caveat on labor pricing.  Remember, I live in the furniture manufacturing capitol of the world.  Or, should I say, the former furniture manufacturing capitol of the world.  I think that title is probably now better bestowed on Southeast Asia.  There are many, many, many very skilled workers around here who spent their lives perfecting the art of furniture manufacturing, who now are willing to do anything they can to make ends meet.  I know that labor costs here are probably a good bit lower than in other parts of the country because there are so many people competing for so few jobs.  The stinky laws of economics at work (want to feel really sad, drive through downtown Thomasville.  It will break your heart.)  If you live outside of central North Carolina your costs are probably going to be higher, maybe significantly so.


paula said...

this would be rather gorgeous made over.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

Craiglist should so hire you to market for them :) You almost sold me, and I have nowhere to put it!