Monday, September 20, 2010

A vingette, styled by Grady

When walking through the living room the other day, I saw a little pile of stuff on our entry chest.  A pinecone-- artfully attached to the branch, and a few coasters made from thin slices of stone (found years ago, thrifting, for .50 cents per.  I saw them somehwere-- Anthro maybe?-- last year for more like $50 for a set of four.  Score me.  Yay.)

I hadn't left them there.  And then I realized that my wee stylist had struck again.  Usually his vingettes comprise various Lego incartions of dragons, boats, trains, or excavators, paired with something fun and unexpected, such as his toy stethescope and one stray, mud-stained sock.  This time, though, it seemed he might be on to something.
I neatened it up a little bit, added a lacquered, inlaid box, a couple of candlesticks, and a little bit of green from the yard. 

Here's the breakdown: lamp (thrifted, of course) was one of my favorite finds, ever--$6.  Linen shade from Tarjay, on clearance--$8.  Mirror-- thrifted, $8.  Candlesticks-- from someplace like Red Envelope, but, you guessed it, thrifted--$3 for the pair.  Vase-- well, this is just getting boring, now, isn't it--$1.  Hobnail milkglass vase, found by my sweet friend and (taller, thinner, prettier) lookalike and favorite thrifting buddy, on one of our outings, for around a buck. 

Sometimes the unexpected eye of a little child is just what the doctor ordered. 

We're quite the team, my boy and I. 


Ginny said...

He does have the soul of an artist!

Joy said...

He's got a good eye! :)