Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you've visited this blog more than once, it is almost certain that you have read the word "thrifted."  In fact, I would wager that I've never gone more than three posts without mentioning a thrifty score-- from a thrift shop, Craigslist, or-- let's be honest, here-- a good old trash heap on garbage day. I love looking at junked up, beat up furniture and imagining for it a new life.  I love walking into a dingy building in a dodgy part of town and discovering vintage gold.  I love the feeling of being able to say when I invite someone over for the first time-- "nearly everything here came from a thrift store"--- and seeing their eyes get wide. 

And after years of digging and aquiring, the moutain of thrift around here was beginning to reach critical mass.  And at least once a week I found myself sighing over some amazing find that I just had no earthly use for, and walking away.  And because of this, the wheels of my brain have been spinning and spinning, trying to figure out just exactly what to do with all of this. 
I'm so very, very excited to introduce you to a new adventure-- I've taken THE coolest booth space, and I'm now open for business!  Welcome to STUFF.  Vintage.... reinvented!  I've gathered a great assortment of pieces-- mostly mid-century.  Some have been made over with paint or fabric, and some are just exactly as I found them-- too perfect to touch.  I've tried to edit very carefully, making every piece unique and special.

Feast your eyes!

For those of you who are local, the booth is located on Elm Street in downtown Greensboro, in the new Design Archives building (formerly the Ellenberg-Schafer Glass Works, across the street from Natty Greene's.)  Come visit me right up front in the Handmade Emporium (and as time goes on, I will add some great handmade's too-- think oversized flower pins, pillows in amazing fabrics, maybe even a little something for the little ones!) I'm pricing things to sell quickly-- there are just too many more treasures out there to be discovered-- and there is something amazing at every price point.

Tomorrow is First Friday in downtown Greensboro--come out and join the party! 
And wherever you are, you can join the STUFF-Vintage Facebook group-- lots of pretty eye candy to inspire you on your own thrifting adventures!


Beth said...

Congratulations Melissa!! I'm so in awe of you for undertaking this. Can't wait to come check it out!!!

Rene said...

Natty Greene's and vintage greatness all in one spot? Could be very dangerous for me :) Congratulations! I will certainly pop in soon for a visit.