Friday, June 3, 2011


Not the best picture ever, but a really good story.

So...if you have kids, you know that kids like to do what their parents like to do. If their parents like to golf-- they "play" golf. If their parents are way into motorsports, they spike their hair and vroom around like Ricky Bobby. If their parents like to haunt thrift stores.... well, you get the drift.
So on the way home from school last week, the kids were BEGGING me to stop-- not at the yougert place, not at the park, but at the Goodwill.  Well, twist my arm, whydoncha?  So stop we did, and I loaded them up into the cart and let them each hold a hideous beeping, flashing plastic toy and off we went.  Their was a a little girl there with her mom, shopping for a chair for her room.  She was looking at a plastic chair from Target, then going back to another chair, trying to decide.  I realized the "other" chair was a tulip chair--and there were two.  I flipped one over, saw "Burke" on the bottom, did a quick google search (you have no idea how useful an iPhone is while thrift store shopping) and confirmed that, yes, indeed, I should buy these. 

What would any sane mother do next?

Well, I have no idea how to answer that question, but, being me, I whisked my kids out of the cart, plopped each of them into a tulip chair, warned "don't move or Mommy will take your toy away!" and found an employee tuit suit to take the chairs up front for me.

And that is the story of how I stole my tulip chairs from a tween girl in the Goodwill
in Kernersville, North Carolina. 
The End. 
Happy Friday to me. 
And you.

PS-- they're for sale at STUFF right now.  See our Facebook page for pricing information.


Joy said...

That's awesome, Melissa. I feel like I never see anything of much worth there. Clearly, I just don't know what I'm looking for (and Elizabeth refuses to set foot in there because of the "smell".)

Lacey said...

oh how the thrill of the hunt sweeps us away...