Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My new toy

Who says the hardware store is only for boys?!  I got an awesome new toy for myself this weekend-- STUFF requires the big guns, apparently. 

I cannot tell you how great my new air compressor and paint spray gun are.

 I was very frightened of the compressor to begin with-- it was nearly impossible to buy (are the guys at Lowe's that clueless or did they not want to sell an air compressor to a girl?) and it is really loud and a frighteningly free of explicit instructions on how to use it, yet full of warnings about all the bad things that might happen while using it.  Might it blow up if I turn the wrong handle?  Might it catch on fire?  I was Very Brave, though, and forged ahead-- and figured it out all by myself. So far so good-- and the finish-- yummy. 


Rene said...

Yay! The finish will be far superior to brushing. I'll keep my eyes out for your new makeovers :)

Joy said...

You go girl! :)