Monday, June 20, 2011


Sorry to dissapear on you-- and I had been looking forward to showing you my Greatest. Find. Ever. all week long!  STUFF is going like gangbusters, and I'm in full-on scramble mode trying to get a good routine down for finding, fixing up, painting, moving, and shipping furniture-- with a 2 and 4 year old in tow.   And yes, it is proving as impossible as it sounds.  Is it September 6th yet?!

(This is not my greatest find ever.  But it was pretty great.  While it lasted.)

Quick shameless plug-- are you following STUFF on Facebook?  You can oogle all the pretties as they fly in and out of the booth-- and put in requests.  (Yes, I really am keeping my eyes out for a pair of Draper's in fab condition at the Goodwill.  And given my history, I have not entirely given up hope that I will find them someday!)

Faux bamboo.  Wicker.  Vintage laquerware in a sunshine-y yellow.  Not the BEST, but purty dern good.

And on to THRIFT SCORE FRIDAY (on Monday.) 

This one is my FAVORITE FIND OF ALL TIME.  I will use some more capitol letters for emphasis.  F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E.  It's so cute and precious I just wanna squeeze hims wittle cheeks off, oh, yes I do.
Apparently when two big, fancy chairs get together, they make babies.  Wittle pwecious itty-bitty barrel-backed wing chairs. 
John Harper.  A force of nature, posing in his (still-unfinished) room.

I love every little thing in this picture.  Yummy.


Rene said...

Looking good! I'm still amazed that you can pull this off with little ones around.

paula said...

love all the finds! I wouldnt mind having that chest right about now though.

Joy said...

That's awesome, Melissa! I'm glad it's going so well. :) I'm sure you'll find your balance soon.

Elizabeth said...

Love the campaign chest! Is it or anything campaign style available?