Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Delima: What would you do?

So--  I've had many pairs of chairs in front of my fireplace/cabinet the last few years.  I've had enough of the serial chair-ing, and I'd really like to settle down with a good pair. 
Is this it?  They are beyond comfortable-- super little mid-century tub chairs I got for the cost of a Big Mac at a really scary thrift store in Winston-Salem. 

They are in need of new clothes, and I am so hesitant to bring anything but slipcovers into my house.  Which means either I pay someone a few hundred dollars for something I am not sure is right or I do it myself-- and I hate, hate covering curved backs.  It's hard.

What would you do?


Rene said...

I'm no help because I feel the same way. Whatever you decide they will look amazing. Do you also have a google profile linked to "switcheroo" or do I have you confused with someone else?

Lacey said...

you had me at comfortable. I have a reallllllly ugly chair I'm TERRIFIED of recovering, but it's the world's most comfortable seat...we sit it in despite it's looks. These aren't half bad. so, sit awhile and make sure they're keepers. solution?

Courtney at SL's No Ennui said...

Reupholster those babies! They're HOTT!!!!!! (yep, that's "hott" with 2 t's!)