Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Solution to my Chair Dilemma

Let me begin by pointing out that today I'm solving a DILEMMA, not a delima, as I did yesterday, which my husband so kindly pointed out via text while I braved the grocery store with two heat-hopped kids at noon to buy something which I would then sllllaaaaavvvve away at to turn into his dinner, hot on the table when he walked in the door that evening (22 minutes late.  But who is counting.)  I cannot spell, and he can, and there it is.

I like to think that what I lack in boring pursuits like spelling (and math facts and solving The Jumble) I make up for in sparkle.   

Moving on.

So I found this picture via My Notting Hill today, and I think the chairs from yesterdays post would look fab-u-lous slipped in cream with a charcoal grey stripe up the middle. 

Now if only I could buy time as easily as groceries.  Sigh.


Rene said...

Great idea! And much easier than reupholstering I might add. Aren't we lucky to have husbands looking after us, tee-hee? I am notorious for typos and didn't notice yours yesterday. Sparkle speaks volumes :)

VKG said...

Hey! Love the slipcovers. I love the stripe big time, but I might pass on the stripe and just do a plain slipcover and change the look with pillows. I know, boring. But practical.

Angie said...

Yes, Melissa, you definitely make up for it with sparkle. :) I love the painting on the wall here--great grey drippy cloudlike image.