Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There's a frog in that bog...

Do you spy him? Or more accurately, do you recognize him to be a frog?
I've done some needle felting in the past, but all 2-D stuff-- sweaters, scarves and such. I love it--it's much cheaper than therapy, and such a lovely, productive way to work out any, um, angst. Not that I have angst. Life with a two year old is pure bliss.I also love applique work. And as of last night, count me in with the ranks of card-carrying, certified, no-turning-back, die-hard Heather Ross fans. I have looked at her designs on-line, and yup, I bought this fabric more than a month ago, but I hadn't tried to do anything with it yet. This fabric feels good. That is all there is to it. It's soft, perinially cool and refreshing against your skin-- yes, yes, I know it is meant to be pj's, and now I get why. I also get why people pay exorbitant amounts of money for it. I'm hooked.
This little play pouch is a new idea I'm trying out-- the little mat, with Heather's beautiful lillypad design, cinches right up into this little carrying bag. And inside are some wee felted friends.
This little dude is felted around a tiny magnet-- so he can be caught (and returned!) by the little peg fisherman I'm working on.
Obligatory duck.
I can't decide which style of frog I like best- but I'm leaning towards the one that is just a little ball with a face. I need to work on the scale a bit-- I showed these to Grady, and he tried to shove it the duck up his nose. That kid. But I do thing a little larger might be better. This is Frog #1.

And Frog #2. Do tell me what you think. I'm horribly indecisive these days. Probably from a lack of sleep. It was pretty far this side of midnight when I finally made it to bed last night. I had to make just one more pair of pants out of this stuff. Love.


Joy said...

Great job, Melissa! Those are SO cute. I'm kind of partial to the first frog, but they are both adorable. :)

brown robin said...

You crack me up! Come visit. We need to meet! Go for frog #2... he looks like Kermit on Valium... very happy.

Turtles To Start said...

I was thinking kermie too. I like it...smiling frogs can't do anything but make others smile.
But this is a great idea. & your applique technique is amazing! I need some serious lessons!!

naqahdahnellie said...

WOW!! That is sooo cool! I really need to borrow some of your inspiration!! I have been contemplating felting, but I was going to do like food, not a whole playmat in a bag!!

I'm having a hard time "seeing" frog #1, but I often have perspective issues. So I guess I have to vote for froggie 2. :)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, this is the cutest darn habitat ever! Any kid would be lucky to have it. In regards of the frogs, they both have their place and different appeal. I love them both. ;)

nicola said...

you MADE this? awesome! it is so adorable!

brown robin said...

Hey... I have a sick boy today, but just found your asheville question. if you can... email me at i've got some ideas for you! right now, though, i gotta give some love to my little guy.