Monday, October 25, 2010

It's all about the orange...

Marianne posted this great image today (via Martha)

and it got me thinking. 

What if you paired this

"Butterscotch" -- I promise it looks better in real life than in this picture--much more orange-- (plus I already have some!)

with this

How about a whole wall of these real pinned insects from this new-to-me Etsy shop?

Add a little of this

Do you think fall has just gone to my head?  Would I get tired of this in my house after a week?

I kinda don't think so-- and I really know so that Grady wouldn't.   He keeps asking me when I'm going to "put orange paint over this adorable grey." 

And who taught him the word adorable?


Joy said...

I love the orange! If I had a room left, I'd definitely do that color. :) We actually talked about doing the stairway/entry in orange, but I wasn't sure how people would feel walking into the house into orange. Love it though! (and the adorable grey!)

paula said...

I think it could be divine!